OCD – New entertainment

Remember that girl here at work that kept screaming “TELEPHONE”  at me?  Well, we might possibly have some HIPPA people coming in.  All paperwork has to come through me so I have a big bin to put it in here upfront in my area.  Well I put a note of the box saying to turn all paperwork “Facedown”.  This crazy girl refuses to do it.  As in she turns everyone’s paperwork face up and puts hers on top.  So finally today I sent out a memo to everyone in the office stating that all paperwork must be turned face down in the front office in compliance with HIPPA.  I hope she gets the message.  I also sent this “memo” to Aaron our operations manager so it is not aimed at her.  God why?



My OCD friend is locked up in her office.  I guess she is still mad at me.  She can’t say anything or she would look stupid and she knows it.  She won’t bring her paperwork out to me – she’s getting Connie to come get it and bring it out here.  Aaron just sent out a memo about break time and how people are abusing it.  When it’s break time OCD gets in her car and drives around.  I think she smokes but doesn’t want anyone to know.  So the rule book states since you are on a paid break you can’t leave the property because if something happens then the company is liable.  I’m sure that is going to make her very unhappy.  I don’t have anything against OCD but it sure is fun watching her.  Crazy is the new entertainment.

This is the same girl who goes in the break room and constantly turns off the coffee.  I must throw away 8 – 10 pots a day.  If it is not “fresh” as in less than 10 minutes old she turns it off.  Our Community Coffee bill last month was $540.00 because people keep making coffee and she keeps throwing it away.  In all fairness though there is a 40.00 rental fee on the water machine.



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