the “go between”

So Gay John calls and wants to come over last night and he brings his….not sure what to call him.  It’s Jim’s…..Friend?  So Tom gets on his cell phone and goes behind the bushes to talk to someone.  He stays on the phone for awhile and then comes back over to rejoin me and John and Rhett.  He has his arms crossed in front of him and he is looking…….downcast.  (The…..are for the drama.)  So being the concerned person I am I ask “Oh Tom, my good fellow what is wrong to make you look so sad?”  Tim just sighs and speaks softly “I was just talking to an old friend”.  So I ask “Is everything Ok?”  Tom: Sigh, look troubled “I’ll be ok, don’t worry about me.”  I feel like I’m in a bad soap opera.  Stupidity can be funny if you don’t take it personal.  Like Richard (John’s worthless 30 year old son) is selling dope out of his Dad’s house.  Richard is stupid and I’m afraid he is going to get John busted and John’s house is paid for so the police would probably confiscate it.  So I tell John.  John’s reply “Oh, Richard isn’t selling – he’s just the go between guy.”  Really.  Most people I know who get busted are just the “go between guy”.  They get the drugs from the bigger fellow and sell small quantities to the lower people.  Subject closed – you’re right John- y’all should be ok.  So if you can be quiet and just listen and not try to correct them then you can have a lot of inside giggles.  It keeps me entertained for hours. Oh and Melissa, Laurie’s old friend? (note:  Laurie is Scarlett’s daughter) is friends with Richard and John just loves her to death.  She’s good people.  Ms. Virtuous hides her meth and dope she sells in her Mom’s closet in case they get busted she won’t lose the kids.  But everything will be ok. Melissa is just the “go-between”.


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