Is the US responsible?

I was reading an article on CNN the other night and it said that last year ALONE over 5 Billion Dollars was sent to Guatemala from immigrants (legal and illegal) to their families back home.  This one particular family I was reading about said Dad sent home 1,000.00 per month and his kids were able to go to private schools, participate in sports, have many toys, bikes, laptops, and a 6 room house.  The average income there is under 4 thousand a year.  So they were considered rich.  Her husband  had to leave them 13  years ago and come to America illegally because he was working for a tobacco farmer and this other tobacco farmer was feeling threatened so he sent out hit men to the employees of the other and told this man that if he showed up for work the next day they would kill him.  They need a union.  So he left in the middle of the night and made his way to America thru Mexico.  In American him and 3 other Guats   live in an apt. they have no decorations or tv.  No dishes (they all work at a restaurant).  Just bare – so they can send money home to their families.  You know I don’t even need a debate team.  I could jump back and forth all day on this.  These people are working for min. wage.  I have to call people for interviews here and the first question is “how much does it pay”.  Most are not even qualified.  What American wants to roof a house?  The Mexicans get up there with their 8 best friends and have it done in less than 8 hours.  Americans are lazy.


Why does our govt. have to support these people.  They will go on welfare and our schools will have to take them in.  The children are innocent in this.  Small children have left their families and travel in groups of other small children like them to the u.s.  Drug cartels are taking over and making prostitutes out of these children (boys too).  But is the United States responsible?


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