Teenagers are so dumb….

So last night Jon comes to town and wants us to pick him up at the Salvation Army.  Bad tire on car and I wasn’t driving down there at 6:00 p.m..  Rhett wasn’t going either because it did not benefit him.  So Jon comes over this morning and he wants Rhett to take him down to get his fishing license….and hunting license.  When was the last time Jon went hunting?  The woman he brought over to the house a while back (road hard and put up wet)  is out to ruin if not kill Jon.  Jon said  he was trying to put the thermostat in her car and she got mad at him and slammed the hood on his head.  She also told him she was gonna get him kicked out of the apartment and get his SSI taken away.  He was up at a Car place looking to buy a car and she pulled in and started screaming at the man not to sell Jon a car – he owed her money  and wouldn’t pay her.  Jon said he was gonna pay her but now since she has done all this crazy stuff he is not gonna pay her.  Also Jon wants Rhett to take him to get his Captains License so he can drive a boat.  I think Rhett wants a hunting license to.  Why?  I can’t figure it out.  They may of gone hunting over 20 years ago a few times and that makes them avid hunters.  Since me and Rhett have been together he has never been hunting.  I won the Jeopardy Teen Tournament last night while watching TV.  Those teenagers are so dumb.


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