My ‘hood”

My neighborhood is really turning into the hood.  The corner house kinda across from Mrs. Goodson had a car deserted in the front yard yesterday.  Rhett had watched the car and whoever was driving was  3 sheets to the wind.  Both tires on the passenger side were flat.  Not just flat but the rims were all bent and the tires were shredded.  So they pulled the car into the neighbors yard on the grass, not in the driveway.  They got home and had no idea whose car it was so they called the police.  The police came but told the neighbors just to call a tow truck to come and get it.

Well my neighbor Pam was pissed about this and when the police got there she came out of her house screaming to the police that those people just had a flat tire and they were coming to get the car.  Police asked Pam if she knew them she said no.  Then Pam started bitching to the police about the dog Bella being out and roaming the street and attacking people.  Bella doesn’t attack anyone. Pam is terrified of dogs.  Pam was mad because white people were towing black peoples car.  It should be perfectly ok to desert your car in someone’s yard with no note or nothing and you should leave it there until they decide to come and claim the car.  Is she crazy or what?  Anyway someone did come by and claim the car and it did not get towed.  I would have had it towed if it was left in my yard with no note or anything.  I think more blacks are prejudice than whites.


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