Rhett loves Tiger

Last night we were outside and Tiger went over to Rhett’s  newly dug flowerbed and hikes his leg.  Rhett saw this happen and went to stop him.  He walked up to Tiger and told me No but not screaming or anything.  He then reached down and barely touched Tigers butt.  Tiger whipped (well as fast as  a 14 dog can whip) around looked at his Dad with total shock and indignation straightened his neck whipped around again and walked directly into the house without looking back.

What happened next was totally pitiful.

Rhett ran after Tiger saying “Oh Tiger Daddy is so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”  He then bent down to give Tiger a hug and Tiger growled at him and walked away.  Rhett kept chasing after Tiger, apologizing, begging Tiger to “let Daddy give him a hug”.   I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.  It was so funny.

Later on we all went out again.  The girls couldn’t walk into the newly turned flowerbed but “Daddy” let Tiger walk and wet all over it.


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