Rhett loves Tiger

Last night we were outside and Tiger went over to Rhett’s  newly dug flowerbed and hikes his leg.  Rhett saw this happen and went to stop him.  He walked up to Tiger and told me No but not screaming or anything.  He then reached down and barely touched Tigers butt.  Tiger whipped (well as fast as  a 14 dog can whip) around looked at his Dad with total shock and indignation straightened his neck whipped around again and walked directly into the house without looking back.

What happened next was totally pitiful.

Rhett ran after Tiger saying “Oh Tiger Daddy is so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”  He then bent down to give Tiger a hug and Tiger growled at him and walked away.  Rhett kept chasing after Tiger, apologizing, begging Tiger to “let Daddy give him a hug”.   I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.  It was so funny.

Later on we all went out again.  The girls couldn’t walk into the newly turned flowerbed but “Daddy” let Tiger walk and wet all over it.


Scratch and Grunt

What a bad day I had yesterday.  Rhett went and got me some cigarettes but he wouldn’t bring them till I went on lunch break.  He was bored and wanted me to sit n the car with him where I can’t smoke.  Either that or he wanted me to take him out to eat at a place of his choice.  Whenever he picks me up for lunch he asks where I want to go and then he tells me he hates that place and we go where he wants to go with me paying.  When he has money he is fishing and I sit here and starve because he has something to do.  And he is in MY car.  So as I was sitting in the car yesterday I noticed where Harry’s head has been resting against the head rest.  There is a black area where his GREASY head has been.  Also in the back seat are Christmas Tree needles (WHAT) I didn’t even have a Christmas tree and what are they doing in my back seat?  Rhett wouldn’t answer.  Well I finally escaped Rhett and came back to work.  Skip to 6 p.m..  I get home to find a Christmas tree (7 ft. tall ) in my kitchen.  Rhett has picked it up on the side of the road.  It is a pre-lit tree and now it doesn’t work so the owners threw it out.  Rhett suggest that I either wrap more lights around the dead ones or I cut off the dead ones , which are embedded in the tree.  I say “Good luck with that” and he gets offended.  You know Rhett is disabled and can’t do anything but fish.  So then I walk into the Den and see an ugly chair sitting there.  It also has a big grease stain where the head rest.  I asked if he got it from Harry.  He proudly says no and then proceeds to tell me that this chair, like the Christmas tree, has also come off a trash pile.  Just put a towel over the dirty hair grease spot he tells me.  I sit in the chair and almost fall thru.  Nothing a piece of wood can’t fix.  I then ask Rhett if he would like to trade spots.  he now thinks I am spoiled and ungrateful.  But to answer the question – No he would not like to trade spots.  So now the fun begins.  The dogs are having flea problems and allergy problems so they scratching constantly.  Rhett is disabled so he grunts whenever he moves so that no one will forget that he is disabled.  So I am sitting in the den with 3 dogs scratching furiously and Rhett grunting every 3 seconds.  Scratch scratch grunt scratch scratch grunt etc etc.  I went and got a beer.