Senior Citizens taking advantage….

 Scalett and Rhett have 3 dogs, tiger, lucy and princess.  Tiger was eye dropper fed from 4 weeks old by Rhett during an “unemployment” period.  Rhett adores the dog.  Tiger is now 15 years old, arthritic, demanding, and very loveable.

Tiger is learning how to work the system.  At first boiled rice and dog food was like manna from heaven.  He couldn’t get enough.  Now he won’t eat it.  He likes Pasta.  If it’s not pasta he won’t eat it.  Of course Rhett goes into panic mode.  We end up going to the store and getting Tiger real chicken add a little pasta and he will eat the whole bowl.  So last night he was served pasta and Alpo Beef Strips with Gravy.  He was perched on his royal red pillow in front of the tv and heater and refused to move.  So like a good Mom I bring his food in the living room and put it right beside his pillow.  Not good enough.  I go back to the kitchen and I hear Rhett fawning over Tiger.  “Tiger, please eat for Daddy.”  “Look Mommie made your favorite – pasta.”  I finally had enough and walk into the living room to put a stop to this nonsense. I know Tiger is working it for all he can get.  I walk in and I just stare at them.  Tiger has won – Rhett is on the floor HAND feeding Little Man.  They both look victorious.


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