crazy friends and the dope man

Background:  Scarlett’s former work buddy, Evelyn, is married to Karl.  Karl too is a functional addict.  Evelyn’s nephew is Trent.

Here’s a funny story.  You may have to read it twice because you won’t believe what you’re reading.    Karl  went over to the dope man’s house for obvious reasons.  While he is there with the man, in his garage, Karl notices several of his tools and big red tool chest in the man’s garage.  He looks at them to make sure they are his and finds his marks on the tools.  He never reported any of this to the police because of wife and her Mother.  You know, trying to keep the peace.  So Karl tells they man that these are his and asks him where they came from.  The man says he never should of trusted that “damned Trent” (Trent is the nephew by marriage of Karl).  Should never have believed him when Trent promised they weren’t stolen.  So he lets Karl have his stuff back.  As Karl was leaving the property with his “stuff”  the dope man’s wife notices her husbands “stuff” being toted away so she calls the police.  The police catch up with Karl ready to arrest him and Karl tells them the story and then the dope man has to come up there to clear Karl’s name.  Oh what a tangled web we weave.


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