with Rhett and Scarlett

I have learned being with Rhett is like being a Boy Scout – we have the same motto “Be Prepared”.  Before you leave the house you have to ask “Have you eaten”, “Do you have to go to the bathroom?”, I have errands for the next several hours, do you have a problem with that because I will not bring you back to the house”.  When dealing with a problem with my daughter I have to make sure Rhett understands that I am going to her house and if he is going to be in a hurry to get back then he better stay home.  When he mentions again that her stuff in the back bedroom needs to be gone I have to ask him if he has gotten the middle room  cleaned out yet.  I asked him the other night if he wanted the heater or phone on.  His answer “yes”.  “Yes” was not an option.  So I got in bed.  He told me I was being a bitch so he slept on the couch.  That really hurt my feelings.  I got to sleep with Princess and Lucy (the dogs).  When he gets hungry he asks me what I want to eat.  I tell him it is his choice.  I’m not picky like you.  He says I’m not picky.  I say ok let’s get hotdogs.  He says I don’t want hotdogs – I need vegetables.  Why did  you ask in the first place?  Then he gets pissed – we argue – no one eats.  So you gotta be on your toes with Rhett.


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