OCD – New entertainment

Remember that girl here at work that kept screaming “TELEPHONE”  at me?  Well, we might possibly have some HIPPA people coming in.  All paperwork has to come through me so I have a big bin to put it in here upfront in my area.  Well I put a note of the box saying to turn all paperwork “Facedown”.  This crazy girl refuses to do it.  As in she turns everyone’s paperwork face up and puts hers on top.  So finally today I sent out a memo to everyone in the office stating that all paperwork must be turned face down in the front office in compliance with HIPPA.  I hope she gets the message.  I also sent this “memo” to Aaron our operations manager so it is not aimed at her.  God why?



My OCD friend is locked up in her office.  I guess she is still mad at me.  She can’t say anything or she would look stupid and she knows it.  She won’t bring her paperwork out to me – she’s getting Connie to come get it and bring it out here.  Aaron just sent out a memo about break time and how people are abusing it.  When it’s break time OCD gets in her car and drives around.  I think she smokes but doesn’t want anyone to know.  So the rule book states since you are on a paid break you can’t leave the property because if something happens then the company is liable.  I’m sure that is going to make her very unhappy.  I don’t have anything against OCD but it sure is fun watching her.  Crazy is the new entertainment.

This is the same girl who goes in the break room and constantly turns off the coffee.  I must throw away 8 – 10 pots a day.  If it is not “fresh” as in less than 10 minutes old she turns it off.  Our Community Coffee bill last month was $540.00 because people keep making coffee and she keeps throwing it away.  In all fairness though there is a 40.00 rental fee on the water machine.



the “go between”

So Gay John calls and wants to come over last night and he brings his….not sure what to call him.  It’s Jim’s…..Friend?  So Tom gets on his cell phone and goes behind the bushes to talk to someone.  He stays on the phone for awhile and then comes back over to rejoin me and John and Rhett.  He has his arms crossed in front of him and he is looking…….downcast.  (The…..are for the drama.)  So being the concerned person I am I ask “Oh Tom, my good fellow what is wrong to make you look so sad?”  Tim just sighs and speaks softly “I was just talking to an old friend”.  So I ask “Is everything Ok?”  Tom: Sigh, look troubled “I’ll be ok, don’t worry about me.”  I feel like I’m in a bad soap opera.  Stupidity can be funny if you don’t take it personal.  Like Richard (John’s worthless 30 year old son) is selling dope out of his Dad’s house.  Richard is stupid and I’m afraid he is going to get John busted and John’s house is paid for so the police would probably confiscate it.  So I tell John.  John’s reply “Oh, Richard isn’t selling – he’s just the go between guy.”  Really.  Most people I know who get busted are just the “go between guy”.  They get the drugs from the bigger fellow and sell small quantities to the lower people.  Subject closed – you’re right John- y’all should be ok.  So if you can be quiet and just listen and not try to correct them then you can have a lot of inside giggles.  It keeps me entertained for hours. Oh and Melissa, Laurie’s old friend? (note:  Laurie is Scarlett’s daughter) is friends with Richard and John just loves her to death.  She’s good people.  Ms. Virtuous hides her meth and dope she sells in her Mom’s closet in case they get busted she won’t lose the kids.  But everything will be ok. Melissa is just the “go-between”.


Is the US responsible?

I was reading an article on CNN the other night and it said that last year ALONE over 5 Billion Dollars was sent to Guatemala from immigrants (legal and illegal) to their families back home.  This one particular family I was reading about said Dad sent home 1,000.00 per month and his kids were able to go to private schools, participate in sports, have many toys, bikes, laptops, and a 6 room house.  The average income there is under 4 thousand a year.  So they were considered rich.  Her husband  had to leave them 13  years ago and come to America illegally because he was working for a tobacco farmer and this other tobacco farmer was feeling threatened so he sent out hit men to the employees of the other and told this man that if he showed up for work the next day they would kill him.  They need a union.  So he left in the middle of the night and made his way to America thru Mexico.  In American him and 3 other Guats   live in an apt. they have no decorations or tv.  No dishes (they all work at a restaurant).  Just bare – so they can send money home to their families.  You know I don’t even need a debate team.  I could jump back and forth all day on this.  These people are working for min. wage.  I have to call people for interviews here and the first question is “how much does it pay”.  Most are not even qualified.  What American wants to roof a house?  The Mexicans get up there with their 8 best friends and have it done in less than 8 hours.  Americans are lazy.


Why does our govt. have to support these people.  They will go on welfare and our schools will have to take them in.  The children are innocent in this.  Small children have left their families and travel in groups of other small children like them to the u.s.  Drug cartels are taking over and making prostitutes out of these children (boys too).  But is the United States responsible?


Teenagers are so dumb….

So last night Jon comes to town and wants us to pick him up at the Salvation Army.  Bad tire on car and I wasn’t driving down there at 6:00 p.m..  Rhett wasn’t going either because it did not benefit him.  So Jon comes over this morning and he wants Rhett to take him down to get his fishing license….and hunting license.  When was the last time Jon went hunting?  The woman he brought over to the house a while back (road hard and put up wet)  is out to ruin if not kill Jon.  Jon said  he was trying to put the thermostat in her car and she got mad at him and slammed the hood on his head.  She also told him she was gonna get him kicked out of the apartment and get his SSI taken away.  He was up at a Car place looking to buy a car and she pulled in and started screaming at the man not to sell Jon a car – he owed her money  and wouldn’t pay her.  Jon said he was gonna pay her but now since she has done all this crazy stuff he is not gonna pay her.  Also Jon wants Rhett to take him to get his Captains License so he can drive a boat.  I think Rhett wants a hunting license to.  Why?  I can’t figure it out.  They may of gone hunting over 20 years ago a few times and that makes them avid hunters.  Since me and Rhett have been together he has never been hunting.  I won the Jeopardy Teen Tournament last night while watching TV.  Those teenagers are so dumb.


My ‘hood”

My neighborhood is really turning into the hood.  The corner house kinda across from Mrs. Goodson had a car deserted in the front yard yesterday.  Rhett had watched the car and whoever was driving was  3 sheets to the wind.  Both tires on the passenger side were flat.  Not just flat but the rims were all bent and the tires were shredded.  So they pulled the car into the neighbors yard on the grass, not in the driveway.  They got home and had no idea whose car it was so they called the police.  The police came but told the neighbors just to call a tow truck to come and get it.

Well my neighbor Pam was pissed about this and when the police got there she came out of her house screaming to the police that those people just had a flat tire and they were coming to get the car.  Police asked Pam if she knew them she said no.  Then Pam started bitching to the police about the dog Bella being out and roaming the street and attacking people.  Bella doesn’t attack anyone. Pam is terrified of dogs.  Pam was mad because white people were towing black peoples car.  It should be perfectly ok to desert your car in someone’s yard with no note or nothing and you should leave it there until they decide to come and claim the car.  Is she crazy or what?  Anyway someone did come by and claim the car and it did not get towed.  I would have had it towed if it was left in my yard with no note or anything.  I think more blacks are prejudice than whites.


meth heads and Wal-mart

My sinus’s have been giving me hell.  I can’t take any thing at work because I get drowsy – even on non-drowsy.  The other day I found one Sudafed 12 hour.  Man that thing was great.  I did not get sleepy but had no side effects such as being jumpy.  So I went to Wal-Mart last night to get more.  I was informed by a very impolite pharmacist that Wal-Mart did not carry this anymore.  She looked me up and down like I was some kind of junkie.  I asked what I might substitute it for with OTC drugs.  She just looked at me like I was an idiot and said “any anihistimine” .  This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for meth heads.  Now I have to take drugs that are gonna make me feel awful.

I HAD TO SIGN FOR THEM Last year when I got the Sudafed 12 Hour (good stuff).  I don’t know if you remember of not but I had a bad toothache.  Sometimes when you take a decongestant it will help the pressure on a tooth.  So Rhett went up to Wal-Mart.  Talk about being treated like shit.  Rhett has no teeth – must be a meth dead.  He asked for the stuff.  The pharmacist asked why he needed it (really).  He told them I had a tooth ache.  The pharmacist told Rhett that I needed to go to the dentist.  It was the weekend.  She wouldn’t sell it to him.  The pharmacist was black and I believe it was racial discrimination.  She told White Man NO.  Well I don’t think pissing off a 51 Year old White Woman with a toothache was very wise.  I went back up there and told her she had no right telling my husband what I needed.  It was none of her business.  If I had a problem with buying Sudafed it would come up on the computer when she entered my ID.  I also asked if she was a medical doctor and if not what right did she have giving out medical advise specially when I did not ask for her opinion.  If this continued to happen I told her I would report her to the pharmacy board.  The pinched faced bitch gave me my Sudafed.


Rhett loves Tiger

Last night we were outside and Tiger went over to Rhett’s  newly dug flowerbed and hikes his leg.  Rhett saw this happen and went to stop him.  He walked up to Tiger and told me No but not screaming or anything.  He then reached down and barely touched Tigers butt.  Tiger whipped (well as fast as  a 14 dog can whip) around looked at his Dad with total shock and indignation straightened his neck whipped around again and walked directly into the house without looking back.

What happened next was totally pitiful.

Rhett ran after Tiger saying “Oh Tiger Daddy is so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”  He then bent down to give Tiger a hug and Tiger growled at him and walked away.  Rhett kept chasing after Tiger, apologizing, begging Tiger to “let Daddy give him a hug”.   I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.  It was so funny.

Later on we all went out again.  The girls couldn’t walk into the newly turned flowerbed but “Daddy” let Tiger walk and wet all over it.